I’m interested in food. How homo sapiens got it in the past, how we get it today, and how we’ll get it tomorrow. As someone with a primarily scientific and technical education, I discovered the field of anthropology in a roundabout way. A few years ago I stumbled across a book called Human Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, written in the 1930’s by a dentist named Weston Price. While a nutritional movement surrounding his ideas has recently emerged, it was his study of people and their food-getting which struck me. Many cultural practices are oriented around food and how it is eaten. Studying ourselves through this lens often yields valuable insight into human nature and possibilities for living better. While an interest in food intersects with a lot of other things, I will mostly use this blog as a place for reviewing books on food security, land and agrarian reform, evolutionary history, and other interests relating to people and ways to improve our lives.


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